Hi there. I'm Alistair Tutton, a Kansas City based photographer who reveals the human narrative of architecture, food, people and products. By understanding the design concepts and needs of his clients he creates imagery of food you want to eat, people you want to meet, products you want to touch and architecture you want to be in.I specialize in three areas of photography—photos that narrate architectural design, nourish your appetite and illustrate the nuance of people and products.I should also tell you that I am an Englishman. I feel this is quite important to tell you before we actually talk, and you find yourself momentarily stunned by my luscious use of the Queen’s English. I first crossed the pond some 12 years ago. I travel extensively throughout the whole of the United States for my clients, which include local, regional and national companies as well as global ad agencies. I earned a degree in architecture after studying in three countries (so I am thrice as good, right?). I attended Heriot Watt in Scotland, the University of Kansas in the grand ’ol USA and the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Perhaps that is why I approach photography in such a unique way compared to many of my contemporaries. I believe the best photo shoots begin with the right questions and front-end research. That way we both know what shots you really need, but there is still room for the kind of spontaneity that distinguishes the good photos from the great.Please enable flash to see the full website.

1405 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, KS 66103

Tel: (816) 500-4402